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MKT3018 E-retailing Table of Contents MKT3018 E-retailing 1 Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Feasibility Of Developing Expanded Internet Shopping Capability Of eBay 4 Resource Capability of eBay 4 Technical Capability 4 Product Development Capability (PDC) 5 Products and Services Capability 6 System Capability 7 Brand Reputation Capability 7 Notion For Transforming The Website Into A More Effective Vehicle 10 E–Store Design 10 Branding on Website 11 E–Retail Opportunity 14 E – Retail Model 15 Advertising based e–retailing 16 Market Segment 18 Consumer Behavior Trends In On-Line Shopping 19 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Data Mining 19 Conclusion 21 References 22 Introduc


As e–commerce persists to develop, several companies will move their emphasis to incorporate internet shopping in their compound channel. Internet shopping provides much higher expansion rate than any other marketing method. In internet shopping, a wide variety of business is carried out such as encouraging and illustrating on modernisation of electronic money transmit, supply chain management, selling through internet, online business dealing, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), greater stock management and computerised data collection method. The demand of internet shopping is palpable because it provides much advanced returns on investments because of reasonable marketplace (Dickson & Et. Al., 2009). Feasibility Of Developing Expanded Internet Shopping Capability Of eBay eBay is known as one of the leading international online marketplaces where people can shop almost anything. ...
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