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MKT3018 E-retailing

Feasibility Of Developing Expanded Internet Shopping Capability Of eBay

eBay is known as one of the leading international online marketplaces where people can shop almost anything. It provides a stage for trading products or services by various communities and businesses. eBay has the capability to provide expanded internet shopping (eBay Inc, 2011).
eBay had started its operations in the year 1995. It had good capability in marketing and thus it successfully adjusted with the exceptional growth in the e–retailing industry. The number of users of eBay had increased considerably. In the year 2000, the total views of eBay sites were almost 120–130 m on a daily basis and the figure rose to 325 m per day in 2003 (Frost & Et. Al., 2003).
Resource Capability of eBay

From the inception of eBay, it had outsourced the administration and prerequisites of the core constituents of the technical capability, for example, bandwidth prerequisite, website hosting, and data axis hosting at the same time owing to the authentic server controlled in the hosting hubs.
Technical Capability

For a company to become more feasible in internet shopping the most important factor is the technical capability. It is important for a company to have strong technical capacity in order to survive in the business. The technical capability signifies adequate capability to serve web pages, stock listings, customer details and sales transaction procedures. These features play vital part for drawing fresh customers as well as maintaining existing customers. With regard to eBay, its technical capability is made up of several modules which are bandwidth, inventory capability, and processing capability. These modules are administered independently in eBay. eBay has ‘system availability’ which works as a substitute for capacity, since it replicates the part of customer requirements that are supplied successfully by eBay. It is the crucial objective of eBay’s capability planning (Frost & Et. Al., 2003).
Product Development Capability (PDC)

Through Product Development Capability (PDC), eBay had made itself a strong competitor in the internet shopping segment. In the perspective of eBay, PDC is not only the improvement to the core site utility but also the accumulation of additional services such as payment approval and dispensation, seller assessment and authorisation, expansion of new marketplace e.g. real estate industry and B2B apparatus transactions. In eBay, the PDC includes numerous interior and external resources i.e. practical skills needed to construct and organise pioneering software services that are employed by PDC procedure. The PDC procedure heavily depends on existing shoppers’ contribution to create and authenticate ideas for new services along with interior business expansion and feasible expansion of the brand & operational capabilities. ...
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The e–commerce and internet shopping has generated potential areas of success for the retailing industry. Internet shopping consists of purchasing as well as trading products of services over the digital system via internet and other networks. The volume of business that is performed through e-shopping has increased extremely with the extensive habit of internet…
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