This report is about Genetically Modified fresh food

This report is about Genetically Modified fresh food Essay example
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Genetically Modified Fresh Food Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Problem Definition 4 Approach to the Current Problems and Research Methodology 5 Research Methodology 5 Data Analysis 7 Reliability Test of the Questions 7 Frequency of the responses of the respondents on the respective questions 9 One way Anova Test 12 Conclusion and Recommendation 13 Limitations 14 Reference List 15 Appendices: 16 Executive Summary The research study has been prepared for analyzing the perception and awareness of the consumers towards the genetically modified food products.


The main problems lie in the labelling of the food products where the food products are marked as ‘fresh’ or ‘natural’, ‘fatless’ etc for fooling the consumers. The research study has been prepared in order to understand the situation of the supermarkets and the influence of the consumer perception towards these food products on their attitude, behaviour while making purchasing decision. The study will highlight statistical method to analyse and satisfy the research objectives. It will also reflect the results of the analysis followed by recommendations for improving the present situation. Finally the study will conclude with an insight into the limitations that have been faced while conducting the research study. Problem Definition The consumers always remain cautious about the safety regarding the genetic technology being applied to the foods. They remain aware of the statements of the governments and the scientists. Most of the concerns related to the genetically modified products are based on the hazard analysis and the risk assessment whereas the others are mainly speculative not having any scientific base (Blanchfield, 2003). ...
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