Impact of New Technology and Internet Influencing Marketing Mix. LEGO Company.

Impact of New Technology and Internet Influencing Marketing Mix. LEGO Company. Assignment example
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It has been witnessed that the technology is escalating at an advanced pace. It is essential to thoroughly scrutinise the influence of the new innovative technological impact in order to settle on what is the beneficial aspect that should be given prime significance.


Lack of innovation and advancement of technology would engender stagnation of the organisation. Without an innovative approach and technological progress an organisation would not be able to prolong in the extremely aggressive and competitive era. Thus, an organisation has to be innovative in every aspect. Considering LEGO Group, it splits its eminent innovative efforts into eight divergent parts from development of the products to model innovation. It gives principal recognition to technology and in recent times the prominence of intellect and behaviour had been acknowledged and through a partnership with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Robot technology had been pooled with LEGO construction system ensuing in LEGO Mindstorms which allows its prospect customers to construct and design a robot within 30 minutes. LEGO has also a mission with regard to quality assured products. Mindstorm was an outcome of partnership amongst LEGO and MIT. The key idea behind it is to make the children assess the toy. Another remarkable innovative product launched by LEGO is the movie maker which uses the similar proposal which allows the kids to make their own movies through the access to the computers. ...
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