The Strategic Management of Marketing: An Integrated System

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The Strategic Management of Marketing: An Integrated System Table of Contents Introduction 4 Traditional Marketing Tools 7 Digital Marketing Tools 10 Comprehensive Marketing Strategies 16 Integrated Marketing: Combination of Traditional and Internet Marketing 19 Conclusion 20 References 21 Introduction Marketing Marketing is recognized as a management tool which is utilized to classify, predict and gratify customer requirements.


With due regard to this fact, it also facilitates in augmentation of customer satisfaction and orientation level, which is extremely essential to retain in this era of competitiveness. Consequently, it also facilitates in amplification of the productivity and the profitability of an organization, ensuing augmentation of its market share and value proposition within the minds of the customers. As a result, it also facilitates an organization to enhance its identity and dominance among other competing enterprises in the market. Real Time, Adaptive Marketing Ecosystem In order to cope up with irregular challenges of the environment, it is essential to alter the marketing designs and concepts as well. Therefore, to tackle the situational changes, the approach of marketing ecosystem is adopted by most of the modern day organizations as a technique to promote their products and/or services through digital media. ...
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