Restaurant design issues

Restaurant design issues Essay example
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Restaurant Design – Concept, Color, Lighting and Acoustics Problems addressed: 1. New restaurants need to stand out from the crowd – so they need a specific identity and theme for marketing purposes, and to show potential customers the how they are different from all the other restaurants out there.


The problem is in choosing the right kind of lighting. 4. Acoustics can make or break a restaurant. If the restaurant is too loud, then people will not want to eat there, unless the theme is that the restaurant is fun and vibrant. The right acoustics is essential to the success of the restaurant. Concept One of the most important aspects of design of the dining room is what concept is the restaurant going for? The concept is important because all the other aspects of the dining room would play off of this (Walker, 2005). Walker (2005) describes what a restaurant concept is, and how designs might change according to the concept that is conceived by the restaurant designer. He describes concept as “the matrix of ideas that constitutes what will be perceived as the restaurant’s image” (Walker, 2005, p. 51). A restaurant should aim for a concept that is different than other competing restaurants, while also being better than these other restaurants. The elements of concept are atmosphere, menu, location, marketing, image and management. Examples of concepts include family restaurants, romantic restaurants, fun restaurants, formal restaurants, and, within each of these broad categories are sub-categories that help further define the restaurant. ...
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