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Assessment 1: Contribution to Tutorial Discussion (Reflective Essay) By Student’s Name International Marketing BHO 3373 Dr. Thuy-Huong Truong Victoria University College of Business July 23, 2013 Core Contributions to Discussions Short Description of What the Presenters Covered Presentation on topic (1): Paradoxes in Global Marketing The presenters discussed paradoxes in global marketing through the theoretical framework explained in the article written by De Mooij (2010).


The lessons included identifying the dimensions of culture from the presenters’ and students’ national origin and to determine the validity of sharing or manifesting the dimensions noted, according to Hofstede’s framework. Presentation of topic (3): Convergence and Divergence in Consumer Behavior. The presenters included concepts that expounded on convergence and divergence through provision of specific consumer purchasing behavior; where apparently the behavior could be evaluated and reviewed on a macro perspective. Likewise, the concept was further explained with the assistance of delving in describing homogeneous and heterogeneous economies or that which measures a country’s level of wealth. Presentation of topic (4): Domestic Consumer Predispositions: Ethnocentrisms and Disidentification. The presenters used the theoretical concepts of ethnocentrism and concepts of consumer disidentification to make students aware of how these concerns impact global marketing. How One Contributed A relevant topic (1) that was presented focused on Paradoxes in Global Marketing. ...
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