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Patterns Withing Systems of Linear Equations.

The usual letter for the unknown number is. A real problem can be written as: This is called an equation because there is a sign. In order to find the value of the unknown number, algebra’s rules can do whatever it likes to this equation as long as it does the same to both sides of the equation. So far it has had equation with a single unknown number. What if it has two unknown numbers? In fact, an equation with two unknown has an infinite numbers of pairs of answer. To fix a single pair of number as the answer, it needs another equation. A pair of equation, each with two unknown numbers is called simultaneous equations. They can be solved together to give the values for the unknowns that satisfy both equations simultaneously. ...Show more


Algebra is one of the fascinating fields of mathematics, because algebra allows the finding of unknown numbers from information given. In algebra, letters are used in place of numbers that are not known. These letters are then manipulated in accordance with certain rules until an answer appears…
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