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Which is bigger Feel the Fear The Giant? - Speech or Presentation Example

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The investigation has a purpose of comparing several variables in order to answer the research question as well as the questions asked in the report. The…

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Which is bigger Feel the Fear The Giant?

Mathematics is used in numerous ways including description of real world research important real world situations, idea test and give predictions of the real world situations among others (Berry 1995 pp24). Generally, in mathematics, modelling of mathematics gives a procedure or a method that can be used for solving certain situations and problems in mathematics. In this report, the process of mathematical modelling was intended to be used effectively in solving the problems and the situations in the report (Berry 1995 pp24). The report also will use the model to analyze the data given and mathematically give solutions to the research question.
The analysis section of this report involved some mathematical calculations of numerous problems whose solutions were found through differentiation. The first problem tackled focused on determining the difference in the altitude of each coasters. The determination was performed through manual mathematical calculations, all the steps used in conducting this calculation are highlighted and explained appropriately in the report. The following are the solutions including all the steps used to solve the three mathematics problem during the research:
In conclusion, the report analysis used the modelling of mathematics to solve and evaluate the questions asked in the report. Mathematical modelling such as differentiation of first derivatives is used in the report to find the accurate answers. In order to approach different problems in the correct form, the modelling process of mathematics was used. Just from prediction which was tested to give the data to be formulated. Formulation gives the model which is analyzed to give the conclusion as well as the answers to the problems. The methods used to analyze the report were accurately and appropriately ...
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