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Fahrenheit 451: view of media

The "c" essay outlines Faber attitude to books. He defines the quality of books as texture. A book has pores and several other features. The microscopic view of book shows a new life present under the glass. He also empathized on the fact that adding details to thing are quite important and that is what makes a book interesting and attractive for the readers. He also adds that good writers touch the lives of the readers and inspires them. The only writers that live in history are the ones who demonstrate vividness in their work. Majority of the people have the ability to write. Some writers do think that the use of long words can attract people and capture their interest. They aren’t aware of the fact that a piece of writing is only complete when a writer is able to create a proper image with adding necessary details. The way Faber defines quality it can easily be applied to different types of media. You read different things almost every day, whether it be a magazine, bill boards, a food label or any sort of street sign. But fact is some of these things stand out among these. The amount of detail and pores present in the text allow the readers to remember things better. This indeed is quite true as Faber points out something that can be applied to real life. Faber also added that the details present in different source of media can be considered as pores present in life’s face. In this one sentence Faber is able to define the whole physiology of a book. I personally not exactly agree with the Faber’s definition of quality of books. Books are overloaded with excessive information and different details but that cannot be considered the only purpose of books. Everyone reads book for a different purpose and they extract different meanings out of it. Faber presents his own different perspective and it isn’t necessary that all of us should agree to it. I don’t agree to the point that people are interested in reading the books only because they find them qualitative. Every book is different from the other and therefore a book must be considered important for its own separate reason and it depends on a person that what aspects of the book he considers important. Everything present on this earth depicts quality it would be meaningless to say that a book is important only because it has quality. Quality can be an important factor for one individual while it can be trash for another. Therefore it cannot be used as the only parameter to judge a book. However on the other side the definition of quality as explained by Faber cannot be applied to media because media does not exactly show the audience the reality. The things shown by the media are true, modified or lied and therefore it is difficult to judge them on the basis of Faber’s definition of quality (John Kenneth Muir's Reflections on Cult Movies and Classic TV, 2008). ...Show more


This essay answers the questions how Faber, the character from Fahrenheit 451, define the value of books and if the definition of “quality” can be applied to different types of media. Faber considered that the amount of information present in the book is much more important than the book itself. …
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Fahrenheit 451: view of media essay example
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