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The impact of culture difference on advertising - Research Proposal Example

Author : fmcdermott
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This essay describes how cultural divisions affects ad and how it can become the communicational barrier; also it describes the existence and usage of stereotypes in an advertisement. Advertising is a fundamental tool to organizations and theories suggest its dependence on cultural differences…

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The impact of culture difference on advertising

This "The impact of culture difference on advertising" essay outlines the issue of cultural stereotypes and cultural division that can sometimes become the reason of failed advertisement campaign. Existing literature suggest existence of stereotypes to cultural differences among consumers. These stereotypes begin with preliminary analysis of advertisement before the audience’s response to content of advertisements. Creativity in advertisements, which is instrumental to effectiveness, is one of the major victims of culture based stereotypes and the audience’s perception of creativity vary with cultural orientation. This may then extend to relative effectiveness of advertisement based on cultural orientations and identifies the need for exploration of other effects of cultural differences on advertising (An, 2013). The effect of culture on advertisement has been noted in television advertising in cross some regions. A study of university students in Warwick, Beijing, and Hong Kong showed this. The students reported a significant difference in perception on television advertisement and the observation suggest that this difference could be observed across people from other regions and across different modes of advertisement. In addition to cross cultural difference in attitude towards advertisement, differences exist between attitudes towards television advertisement and other television program and this means that reliance on television viewership as an indicator of advertisement may not be true (Guo, Cheung and Leung, 2012). ...
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