The Portrayal of Brazil In The U.S. News Media - Thesis Example

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The Portrayal of Brazil In The U.S. News Media

This sresearch study will focus on the leading print news media in the United States - The New York Times and Washington Post. This is a valuable topic as it attracts the foreign affairs, policies and global issues between the United States and Brazil in the international platform. This is the main reason for choosing this subject matter as a research topic.From the report it is clear that Brazil has seen two consecutive two-term Presidents: Fernando Henrique Cardoso and his successor Luis Inácio Lula da Silva. These two administrations were paramount in strengthening the Brazilian economy and in bringing about a consolidation of a strong democracy. They impacted the way this “BRIC country”  is perceived everywhere in the world, and especially in the U.S. In recent news publication, BBC has quoted that Brazil is the biggest democratic country and economic giant and is South America’s most significant country. The mutual knowledge between U.S. and Brazil is increasingly important, given Brazil’s recent insertion into the international system and the fact that Brazil is a more active international player than most other countries of its economic stature. In the Post-Cold War period, Brazil has begun to think of itself, and to some extent to behave, as a regional and global power. The U.S. is beginning to take account of the fact that for the first time another country in the American continent has serious aspirations to become both a regional power – in South America, perhaps even in Latin America, a region in which the United States has been the undisputed leader for more than a century –as well as a global power. ...
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This paper focuses on how Brazil has been portrayed by two leading online news media in the United States. The New York Times and the Washington Post which are ranked at number three and six respectively were used as they are considered to be representative of the news media in the US…
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