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Essay example - Sexual images in advertising

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This essay analyzes negative and positive sides and effects of using sexual images in advertising. Sexuality is an important personal trait of a person that impacts his or her thoughts and behaviours, orientations toward members of society, and life in general…

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This "Sexual images in advertising" essay describes how sexual images in advertisement affect consumer's behavior and reactions. Sexual images were used by the ancient copywriters as long as epistolary genre existed. Ancient Greek comedies were often filled with sexual images, such as Aristophanes' “Lysistrata”, an antiwar comedy about women who tried to use sex with their husbands to make them stop fighting wars. Medieval classics like Chaucer's “Canterbury Tales” and Shakespeare “The Taming of the Shrew” are overwhelmed with sexual double meanings and overtly sexual images, some of which are omitted today because of the archaic language and the "strict" aura around such masterpieces. Since the appearance of electronic media and electronic advertising, sexual images started to appear on television and radio. Though standards for television commercials and radio spots are usually stricter in regard to sexual images use comparing to print advertising, because it is easier to keep sexually oriented print media from children than it is radio or TV. In spite of the variety of sexual images on TV, strong theoretical assumptions, and evidence of the power of physical attractiveness on communication outcomes, the influence of physically attractive persons on consumer desire to buy remains unclear. Erotic images were found to increase consumer awareness to an ad, but not necessarily increase recall or positive attitudes to a brand. As the levels of nudity or erotism getting higher, the intended communication trends either turn negative or lose their strength at all. ...
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