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Blogging or creating personal internet journals have taken the internet by storm. Authors post short comments about news items, interesting websites, their thoughts and more on pages called blogs. As weblogger and author Rebecca Blood says originally weblogs were ‘link-driven sites’. Authors or editors with interest in a particular subject highlight on the salient features and add opinions. There are many advantages to the readers. For those who have no time to surf the net can read through the blogs and collect the observations of an intelligent reader on various subjects or websites. For those who indulge in blogging regularly also there are many advantages. As Blood points out she discovered where her interests were within a week of blogging. If one writes regularly, after sometime, one gets an opportunity to evaluate one’s own opinions and ideas. This invariably boosts the confidence of the blogger because it is generally those who love to write and express that would take to blogging. A blogger can write, reflect, analyze and share his world with others. He learns to articulate his opinions to himself and to others.
Blogs share a common format. The features of a blog include a date header, title of the post, the time when the post is uploaded on the blog, the category and the comment.

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Chat rooms, Usenet, Email lists, Forums, Bulletin Boards are all platforms on the internet, which people use to exchange views and opinions; these fall under the category of electronic conversations. Blogging too came into existence in mid-nineties with the purpose of exchanging views on one’s website…
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Blogging essay example
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