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The effects of advertising on children

This "The Effects of Advertising on Children" essay outlines the impact of the ad on the children, their behavior, eating disorders and bad habits. Almost all food and beverage companies are using television advertisements aiming to target the children. (McGinnis et al., 2006) These advertisements include: TV commercials, product placement, and character licensing in order to persuade children to consume low nutrient foods with more high calories, sugar, salt, and fattening foods like cereals, hamburgers, French fries, pizza, and hot dogs among others. Mc Donald’s, KFC, and Burger King are only some of the companies that widely use advertisements on TV, billboards, and even on the newspaper. Some of these kids also hear these advertisements on the radio. Advertisers have a convincing way of making fast food advertisements look extremely delicious and appetizing. On the other hand, fast food companies know how to make their food taste better by adding high sugar, salt, and fat contents. (Well, n.d.) The combination of television, radio, and print advertisements together with the good tastes of these foods make children crave for more each day. Unconsciously, fast food restaurants become the brand and food preferences of these children. Thus, affecting their health negatively.
Based on a research study, there is a possible correlation between childhood obesity and sugary foods advertisements on the television. Another study shows that fast-food consumption is strongly associated with the sudden increase in weight and insulin resistance. ...
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This essay describes how the advertisement shown on the TV affects children. Younger children age eight and below are the easy target of advertisers. In most cases, children between the age brackets of one month to eight years lack the necessary cognitive development…
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