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Mass Media's Negative Impact on American Society - Essay Example

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A major role in the impeachment of President Clinton was played by the media of the country as well. But today, the unconcealed public anxiety, which concerns functioning, tasks, content of the media, sounds louder. Many prominent figures of our society, as well as many ordinary people, express dissatisfaction concerning an increasingly negative impact of mass media not only on journalism itself, but on society as a whole. This primarily concerns the quality of today’s American journalism within a moral and ethical point of view. Most of the public is deeply concerned also, that the media tries to teach us morality, “passing some inherited moral norms from generation to generation”. However, the very essence of this social heritage has been vigorously debated. In spite of the fact that in very few media reports and television broadcasts morality is perceptible and obvious, hints at some or other moral values are ??always present, especially on TV. At the same time the media is flooded with scenes of violence in action and horror films and cartoons even, endless shootings, crime reports, aggressive music and games that, so some extend, popularize the criminal culture. In many cases the media does not consciously want to provoke violence in society – it just covers over a weak storyline of a picture or lack of really important news with scenes of violence, which surely attract attention of common people. Such scenes have a direct impact on subconsciousness, because they influence on the feelings rather than senses. The media forms in teenagers’ heads some stable mechanism, according to which they will act in this or that reality situation (Moy and...
This essay stresses that sex in mass media is not limited to explicit images of copulation or nudity; it may include any model implying sexual behavior, interest or motivation. The most alarming in the behavioral effects of viewing erotic materials is that there is a traced direct connection between it and commission of sexual assaults. There were a lot of studies conducted, which considered the ratings of such crimes as rapes, exhibitionism, sexual abuse of minors, depending on changes in availability of sexually explicit materials.
This report makes a conclusion that the last decades witnessed the rapid development of new communication technologies. E-mail, Internet, digital television, have become a part of our lives, often pushing to the sidelines the traditional media. Communication ceases to be one-way, there appear elements of interactivity. The question of the influence of the media appears in a new perspective. The amount of information available to each member of society increases many times; the process of news diffusion becomes swift and varied. At the same time the content quality of mass media lives much to be desired. It’s full to the brim with violence, advertising, false ideals and tons of shallow information a normal man will never need. Everyday impact of the media on society leads to creation of stereotypes, simplification of thinking and psychological patterns, as information is presented in ready-made form with a certain emotional coloring, which leaves no space for creative conceptualization. ...Show more


This paper speaks about the negative impact of mass media. Today, access to mass media is definitely among the necessary conditions for formation of a fully developed personality. Modern mass media affects the various stages and sides of the information process in society…
Author : lavernebotsford
Mass Medias Negative Impact on American Society essay example
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