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Effect of YouTube on news media - Essay Example


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Effect of YouTube on news media

This "Effect of YouTube on news media" outlines the impact of this website on the news media. YouTube amply allows the sources affiliated to unrestrained sensationalism to play with the viewer discretion and emotions. One of the most infamous examples in this context is that of ‘lonelygirl15’, a teenage blogger by the name of Bree, whose video clip revelations about the troubles and tribulations of growing up in modern times attracted gargantuan internet traffic of more than 37 million viewers on YouTube (Christensen, 2007, p. 37). To begin with the phenomenon signified the power of the new media, allowing a teenager with a webcam and a computer, sans media background being able to make millions of people around the world listen to what she had to say (Christensen, 2007, p. 37). However, it was in 2006 it was revealed that ‘lonelygirl15’ was the creation of two California based filmmakers (Christensen, 2007, p. 37). The final word was that though the falsity of the ‘lonelygirl15’ was revealed, the video clippings had astonishingly succeeded in creating a huge fan following for the internet celebrity, which could have been practically translated into favorable business ventures and endeavors. Thus YouTube has conclusively democratized the news media, yet it is not fool proof and beyond doubt when it comes to matters of credibility and raw sensationalism (Gordon-Murnane, 2008, p. 20). The role of the news media, whether old or new, is to present reality to the viewers from a specific perspective.

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This essay describes how the invention of Youtube changed news media. Since decades, mass media and communication experts have been decrying the limitations and flaws of the conventional news media. There is a big list of flaws and weaknesses that are attributed to the news media. …
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Effect of YouTube on news media essay example
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