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TV shows and commercials' problems and effect to children - Lab Report Example

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TV shows and commercials' problems and effect to children

This "TV shows and commercials' problems and effect to children" essay outlines ten different TV shows, analyzes their impact on kids and values they teach to them. SpongeBob SquarePants: this is one of the American television shows that are popular in the modern television series. It is largely watched amongst the children population. It is also interesting to adults due to its enthusiastic plot. It presents some unique set up in regard to life far from the terrestrial environment. The fact that it is presented in form of cartoons makes it entertaining for the children. However, there are various gaffes associated with the language used, situations as well as the language that is used in the presentations. There are particular innuendos that tend to be above the understanding of the young viewers. In the presentations, the advertisements are usually targeted at the children, such as t-shirts, boxer-shorts and other commodities that are suitable for children such as delicious foods. The show is valuable to the children since it promotes courageousness and the desire to explore life under the water.
Sesame Street: this is a TV show that significantly impacts on the lives of children in regard to their learning capability. Its entertainment aspect makes it attractive to children, which has made its theme a success amongst them. The puppets and animations are stimulating, coupled with talented actors who make the show very interesting. The aspect of familiarizing with letters and words is usually helpful in regard to improvement of learning. ...Show more


This essay describes the impact of the TV shows on the children's behavior. Most of the producers tend to focus on a particular theme in all the episodes that they present. Before or after the presentation, there are usually advertisements for products from companies mainly owned by sponsors…
Author : medhurstmaximus
TV shows and commercials problems and effect to children essay example
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