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What are Twitters advantages - Case Study Example


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What are Twitters advantages

When might a manager find a Twitter an appropriate communication channel?Twitter can be of benefit to the manager of a business depending on the context applied when using it. For example, a manager may find it beneficial while trying to keep constant flow of communication with his or her clients. To this end, the manager may ask for opinions from the client. This is in relation the quality of products or services offered. Moreover, the manager may create a Twitter account whereby customers may post their personal opinions on how products or services may be improved. Furthermore, the manager may use Twitter in monitoring the customer the market trends in the industry. Another beneficial use of Twitter by a manager pertains to advertising of the services and products offered by the business. To this end, the manager is able to reach a wide range of potential clients for its products and services. Moreover, Twitter offers a cheap mode for the manager to advertise his or her products to a wide array of customers. In addition, the manager may use Twitter to transmit informal but pertinent information relevant to the organization. For example, informing employees about a social gathering or issuing congratulatory messages to them.When might a manager want to discourage employees from using Twitter?There are several circumstances when a manager may discourage employees from using Twitter. Foremost, and most importantly the manager will most likely restrict employees from using Twitter during

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official work hours.


The aim of this research is to answer the question what are Twitter’s advantages and disadvantages as an electronic communication medium. Generally, the main benefit of spreading information through Twitter is its popularity. The disadvantages can differ for individuals…
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What are Twitters advantages essay example
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