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Social Media Metrics

From the discussion it is clear that Home Depot recently presented a massive check of $250,000 to the Reno’s Veterans Guest House during the company’s Aprons in Action contest. During the contest, which began in early 2011, the Facebook page of the company served as the platform for up to 44 non-profit companies to earn funding totaling to up to $1 million as a result of Facebook votes and to develop more awareness of their community engagement and efforts. The social media strategy adopted by Home Depot is managed by the corporate communications department, headed by Mr. Brad Shaw. The company’s corporate team in charge of social media is tasked with responsibilities of reviewing content and posts that are developed by associates. They also manage the company’s social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.As the essay stresses defining the R in the company's ROI - For the purposes of proving the ROI, it is important for the company to have a tangible business goal with which to begin with. This refers to the return that the company is looking forward to deliver. The company should also consider the objectives of doing this as well as the problem that it is trying to solve. Home Depot determines its share of positive sentiment in the midst of all positive sentiment in its marketplace. On the other hand, if Home Depot operates in any controversial area, it should gauge its relative share of the negative sentiment.      ...
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The following paper explores the various metrics that the organization should be tracking so that it can effectively develop its strategy of social media marketing. A description of the various types of social media campaigns that the company is currently engaged in is explored…
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