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Infection Control

We shall now talk about an infection that takes place during the course of medical treatment itself. Aids, the global scare made many medical professionals to use sterilized needles during their process of treatment. The single-puncture syringe that cannot puncture the skin once it is used is the best form of administering equipment for anesthetic and other medications. The profession is to go miles before attaining complete protective treatment. One of the most dreads that now posed by the ultrasound treatment is the use of gels. When an object or human body part is exposed to ultrasonic waves, density differences inside the object or the body parts cause some waves to reflect at the point of interface. This reflection is built into an image of the internal part of the body and its structure on the monitor screen. A gel or jelly is normally used to transmit the acoustic waves through the transducers—a device that contains a crystal, which converts alternating electric currents into vibrations—to the object or the internal part of the body.Experiments show that a high-energy ultra sound emitter inserted through an angioplasty catheter can effectively break up the blocks and restore normal blood circulation. In many patients, bacteremia is a result of an intravascular focus, such as a contaminated catheter or prosthetic device.Contamination of the gel at the manufacturing facility and improper use of the gel at clinical settings are the sources of many cases of bacteremia and septicemia. ...
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The researcher of this essay "Infection Control" aims to analyze the infection which is usually a scare for people who dwell in the untidy atmosphere or whose life is associated with activities that are prone for dangerous microorganisms to attach easily on…
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