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Genetic Pedigree

Diabetes is a disease characterized by the disordered metabolism resulting from a combination of environment and hereditary causes. Due to these factors, the patient suffers from an abnormally high blood sugar. This is referred to as hyperglycemia. The control of blood sugar in the body is controlled by the insulin hormone and other chemicals. Diabetes results when the body produces less insulin. The common symptoms of diabetes include excessive production of urine, excessive fluid intake, weight loss, blurred vision and lethargy. One common treatment of diabetes is the administration of insulin to the patient; this method has been used since 1921. However, this treatment results to very many and acute complication such as ketoacidosis, coma, hypoglycemia, cardiovascular disease, renal and retinal failure. Due to these complication alternative methods of curing and suppressing the effects of diabetes have been developed; these include;1) Removing carbohydrates from the dietCarbohydrates when digested are converted into sugars, excessive sugar resulting from these carbohydrates will require insulin to regulate the blood sugar, elimination of blood sugars thus reduce the effects of insulin lack for a diabetic person.2) ExercisesPerforming physical exercises such as walking reduces the effects of diabetes on the patient. 3) Increasing water intake and eliminating the sugars Eliminating of foods containing sugars and sweeteners also reduce the effects of diabetes on the patient. ...
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 An author of this paper explains a tool for representation of family medical history named genogram. Moreover, the writer constructs a genogram for a family with an individual suffering from diabetes, in advance describing the process of creating the lesson plan.

Author : rooseveltsteube

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