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Parasitic Parasites - Essay Example


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Parasitic Parasites

The study showed that in high genetic variation of the parasite existed in Cambodian regions. The researchers inferred that the drug exerted a pressure on the genetic makeup of the parasite which induced mutation in the genome. This led to production of parasites that differed genotypically. Sexual recombination of genotypes that show resistance produces offsprings who show greater resistance with more biological fitness. Therefore the study established that in Cambodia the emergence of drug-resistant parasite was a result of out-crossing of resistant strains and maintenance of the particular combination of alleles.
The study focussed on the genetic evolution of the parasite P.falciparum. Cambodia is known to be hot-spot for the development of anti-malarial drug resistance and this study helps in understanding how exactly genetic mutations taking place within the parasite increase chances of development of resistance. This study helps in understanding the genetic evolutionary pattern of the parasite and hence is important to design management strategies to control multiple forms of resistance.

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The study would help in generating genetic markers which may be used for characterization and distribution of the sub-populations of the parasites. Moreover, the study would help in understanding the disease pathology of mutant strains and derive anti-malarial drugs that will effective on the mutants as well…
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Parasitic Parasites essay example
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