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Crime Policy - Essay Example


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Crime Policy

R.Preeti 3 2008 CRIME POLICY In today's world, crime is gradually increasing by the day and among them, cybercrime is on the rise like never before. The internet opens up new opportunities for all and sundry to explore anything and everything under the sun. However, this ahs opened up new horizons of interacting and has increased transparency in lives. In response to this, information is out in the open and anyone can access it. This has its adverse effects when information is misused and is used as a tool to harm an individual.

Due to increasing of such activities, the federal government decided to take things into its hands, by coming up with laws related to cybercrime. Crime laws related to cybercrime have become an integral part of functioning. Laws liek the Ntaional Infrastructure Protection Centre Advisory of 1996, Distributed Denial of Services Act and the like are stepping stone towards attaining a reduction in activities related to crime on the internet.

The various laws that come under the purview of cybercrime have been implemented at the federal, state and local levels with great penetration and equanimity. There have been numerous cases wherein these laws have been utilised to provide justice and punish the miscreants. IN fact, most of the cases have been put in by the US government, against individuals or groups who have violated the code of conduct that the laws prescribe.

The website lists out a number of cases, out of which the recent one named, is that of US vs.

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Another example of a case under this purview says, "WASHINGTON -- Kenneth Kwak, 34, of Chantilly, Va., was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth to five months in prison followed by five months of home confinement, based upon Kwak's conviction for gaining unauthorized access to and obtaining information from a Department of Education computer system, the Department of Justice announced today."

Thus, it is evident that the Federal, State and Local government have been functioning in a collaborative, yet autonomous manner to arrest cybercrime and to pave way for healthy functioning of the world's best resource-The Internet.




In today’s world, crime is gradually increasing by the day and among them, cybercrime is on the rise like never before. The internet opens up new opportunities for all and sundry to explore anything and everything under the sun. However, this ahs opened up new horizons of interacting and has increased transparency in lives…
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Crime Policy essay example
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