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The history of fighter aircraft F-22 Raptor

The fighter jet possesses significant attributes that make it better than any fighter jet developed thus far. With increased stealth, the F-22 becomes one of the best fighter jets that can evade detection by radar (Sweetman 44). In addition, the F-22 has the ability to maneuver and evade tracking by other fighter jets that may be on its pursuit. As a replacement of other fighter jets with limited superiority, the F-22 becomes the most reliable air to ground attack jet ever built. Most important, the F-22 has improved aerodynamics that makes pilots fly the fighter jet more easily than before. Today, the US army has deployed significant number of raptors to areas such as Japan where the army has stationed them ready for deployment. Whereas the F-22 has had some failures in navigation and communication, the F-22 raptor still remain an aircraft of choice in carrying out sorties and other activities such as aerial surveillance.
The F-22 is a product of Lockheed Martin Corporation, which is well known for the production of aircraft. The demand for a better fighter jet like F-22 has been long overdue considering the shortcoming of other fighter jets such as F-15. With the demand of an advanced tactical fighter (ATF), the US army tasked the F-22 team to conduct a program that would later produce the F-22 as an engineering marvel that combines performance, speed and stealth into one robust fighter jet—F-22. The F-22 team started by developing two prototypes that they later developed to achieve a reliable fighting machine. In their program, the F-22 produced two YF-22 prototypes that they took through a series of testing (Sweetman 78). These prototypes relied on two other engine prototypes that were to be selected for use in the F-22 fighter jet. The testing of the fighter jet was done on Being and Lockheed installation where the features of the aircraft were refined to produce the F-22 that are in use today. During the development of the F-22, the Lockheed ...
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Compared to other fighter crafts the United States army uses, the F-22 raptor add to the list of newest Aircraft that the US army has…
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