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I must write a after action review (AAR) based off my deployment to Afghanistan. - Essay Example

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I must write a after action review (AAR) based off my deployment to Afghanistan.

My deputy and I often disagreed due to differing opinions concerning the point at which a product was supposed to enter sustainment phases. My deputy held that the personnel within the army unit would be ready to handle new equipment on their own soon after their training; however, this perspective did not consider other factors. For instance, this view overlooked the fact that we were fielding new equipment to soldiers with no experience in how they operation during wartime; similarly. This view was blind to the fact that Soldiers rotate to other FOBs (forward operation bases) or COPs and that they may get hurt or whatever the case me be, due to their inexperience with handling new equipment. Contrariwise, I believed in continuous retraining, which is why I had my contractors provide multiple training classes to different personnel of the same unit. I stressed the importance of the acquisition community taking responsibility to support the war fighter. I believed it was our obligation as the acquisition community to support the war fighter regardless of the number of training events. Therefore, it would take for every unit, army or marines to be capable of handling the generators on their own. The soldiers had to be thoroughly trained to ensure they were equipped with the competence needed to operate the new equipment in the field, even if it meant doing it repeatedly with different personnel. In that case, I supported the training for the army personnel for as long as it was needed, to ensure the war fighters were well prepared to operate our new generators.
The command and Control (C2) issue cropped up as well, in the course of my deployment in Afghanistan; as expected in combat zones, where orders are given to carry out missions, there was always a strict chain of command that had to be observed at all times. A chain of command does establish clear lines or boundaries for officers in the field, who must act in accordance ...
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I was tasked to lead a team of 13 contractors in providing sustainment operations for power, power distribution as well as environment…
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I must write a after action review (AAR) based off my deployment to Afghanistan.
It therefore exposed me to various aspects of combat missions and on strategic management of operations while on such deployment missions. Among the main areas that the deployment gave me an exposure in are together with the concept of acquisition, concept of command and control, MTOE (modified table of organization and equipment) as well as on power efforts within Afghanistan. Besides, I learned a lot on the responsibilities and the main competences that an acquisition officer within such missions is expected to have in order to realize effectiveness in the entire operations.
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