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Essay example - Oral Presentation

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Oral presentation has become an effective way to analyze the capability of a person. This trend has started over a decade or so where more emphasis is being paid on communication of one's ability through oral arrangement. One has to communicate their ideas effectively through speaking rather than writing it down…

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Employers and other important officials are now giving priority to oral presentations and communication while recruiting fresh graduates. Although, a certain weight age is given to the written examination as well, more is judged from the person's speaking skills and the way of presenting him/herself. This has happened due to the growing number of researches that have told the gentlemen the successful formula of a successful individual. The biggest example of the employer's importance to verbal communication is the interview that is conducted twice of thrice along with the group discussion sessions that take place in many organizations in order to gauge the capabilities of these individuals while communicating with others. Therefore, as students, it becomes really important to get ready for these assessments of the future endeavors.
In this enigmatic and ever-changing world, the qualities that one looks for in a person change rapidly. Over the past years, fluent communication has become more important, the pace has increased and so has the communication style. In the olden times, while the bureaucratic organizations still flourished, most of the communication was barred with formal written communication styles with much less importance given to individuality and self-expression. ...
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