Childhood Vaccinations

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I have observed a long withstanding controversy on the mandatory childhood vaccinations and the optional vaccinations. Mandatory vaccinations are vaccinations that are given to the children involuntarily as a set rule and also regulation by the health sector.


On my part I would support the mandatory vaccinations since in the past they have had positive effects on the health of the children and if the vaccinations would be made optional most of the parents would not see the need of having their children vaccinated and this will further increase the mortality rate of the children since they will be prone to many diseases.
The vaccination process works by preparing the immune system to attack any infection, by way of building a pathogen memory that will allow the immune system to recognize a pathogen later on and then fend off the infection. (Salmon, Haber, Gangarosa Phillips, Smith and Chen 1999)
The vaccine controversy between the mandatory and the optional vaccinations options has been in existence for quite a long period. There are however many benefits that come from making the vaccination of the children compulsory for all the people. Dawn (Richardson. 2001). The compulsory vaccination helps prevent suffering and also death of the children from any serious infectious diseases.
Making the vaccinations compulsory greatly outweighs the risks of any rare and also adverse effects that follow the immunization processes. First and foremost I would like to clearly state that the vaccination in children helps in protecting them against any infectious diseases such as measles and the ultimate goal of the vaccinations in children is to further eradicate these diseases. ...
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