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Essay example - Client Relationship

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Customer relationship management (CRM) aims to enable organizations to better manage their customers through the introduction of reliable systems, processes and procedures. It is a corporate level strategy which focuses on creating and maintaining lasting relationships with its customers; a holistic change in an organization's philosophy which places emphasis on the customer…

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"Think of your life as a consumer. There must be a retail establishment somewhere-maybe a deli, or a CD store-where you really like to shop, because someone there always seems to know exactly what you want. So now visualize going into this store and having them screw something up, with the result that leaves you feeling a little angry. If it were any other store, you think to yourself, you'd take your business elsewhere. But the reason you don't go elsewhere is it would be too much trouble, right You'd have to teach someone at another store everything about your personal tastes that the person at this store has already learned." (Rogers, 2006)Remember that different needs are based on kind of businesses.
CRM mans managing all contacts with the clients; part of this is improving customer service. A good CRM program will allow a business to acquire, serve, and retain quality clients. A good CRM program can improve customer service by facilitating communication in several ways:
Provide a mechanism to track all points of contact between a customer and the company, and do it in an integrated way s ...
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