Animal rights College Essay

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According to animal rights, all non-human beings have a right to possess their own lives. Life means that there are some situations where it is immoral to kill an animal, but there are some cases when it is morally permissible to do some things to non-human animals that would be immoral to do to a human being.


Within the animal rights movement, every animal, from conception to natural death, has a certain value given by God. The second strand employs the arguments from the field of legal philosophy, specifically natural law, claiming that the right-to life is a fundamental right which should be protected by law. On the other hand, if an animal and its existence threaten human life, it is morally permissible to kill this animal: for instance, outcasts with rabies, extreme aggressiveness of an animal or invasion of animals such as wild foxes or wolves. Also, gene engineering and cloning need sacrifices in order to protect human live and find treatment for incurable diseases. Also, all medicines and treatment methods are tested on animals to be sure that they are safe for human beings. In this case, it is morally permissible to do these things to non-human animals. This balance is an expression, then, of core values, of basic societal choices. This is the point where the distinction between rights and boundaries collapses since Moral rights- beyond the core-become an expression of the kind of particularized societal choice of which fundamental boundaries are an expression. Moral boundaries are designed, thus, to allow communities to make and live by those differing balances which they deem fundamental. ...
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