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Assignment (Business Ethics)

However in that process, they engaged themselves into practices which may not be termed as ethical in nature. The various issues which have been discussed in the article points towards various ethical lapses in the organization on systematic, organization and individual level.
From the information provided in the Case study, there are various ethical issues involved in this case. A closer look at the facts would suggest that the company has a good past record where the employee relationship, cleanliness, good work practices were dominating forces within the organization however, the consolidation in the industry coupled with recession saw the tide turning as most of the meat processors in the country focused on improving their profitability which eventually resulted into cost cutting and a compromises on the quality of the meat produced as well as the internal work practices within those organizations.
Further the whole situation with specific regard to the company changed when the ownership of the company changed forcing it to go through a change which was really painful not for the employees only but for the overall heal ...
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Ethics in Business play a critical role as the emergence of ethical consumers have made it hard for the organizations to maintain and achieve certain ethical standards in the overall conduct of their operations. Ethics can be viewed from different perspectives, for example, production processes of the organization may not be ethically functioning, and HR Practices may be exploitative such as in the case of Wal-Mart etc…
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