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Employee satisfaction and retention have always been important issues for any employer. It is true that satisfied employees tend to be more productive, creative and committed to their employers. Several studies have been conducted in this field and as a result a no of theories have been evolved around the employee job satisfaction phenomenon…

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Motivators such as recognition and achievement make workers more productive creative and committed. He also advocated that once the hygiene issues have been addressed the motivators create satisfaction among employees.
'Although the hygiene issues are the source of satisfaction these issues must be dealt with first to create an environment in which employee satisfaction and motivation are even possible". (J. Michael Syptak, et al.1999)
In any regression analysis, the t' score is only of any significance when its value is greater than 1.06. In the present study the overall't' score is less than the value of 1.06 and hence be of no significance. The coefficient of determination R-Sq is a measure of 'goodness of fit' of a particular regression model. R-Sq or Sigma takes a value between -1 and +1. Negative values arise when the two variables are inversely related and positive values occur when they are correlated positively
When the administrative policies of the company about salary, increments, fringe benefits promotions etc. are unclear or unnecessary that will greatly frustrate the employees and ultimately will have an impact on the job satisfaction. The company will be able to do well in this area to reduce the dissatisfaction among the employees by clearly specifying the company administrative policies. ...
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