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CORRECTIONS - Essay Example

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The Transitional Aid Research Project which was carried out in Georgia and Texas (Rossi et al, 1980) studied the influence of providing ex-offenders with monetary compensation during the first year after release from prisons and correctional institutions. According to Rossi et al (1980), this kind of unemployment insurance would have a twin and competitive influence on the ex-offender's motivation to get employment…

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In a further development to their work, Rossi et al. suggested that transitional aid for ex-offenders could only work if it is coupled with an incentive to find a job. This incentive to find a job can only come on the heels of professional training while the ex-offenders still have the status of inmates.
In view of the above, policy makers have identified the advantages of providing professional and vocational training to inmates in correctional centers. To implement such training, correctional centers often contract with private industries wherein these inmates can work to develop their skills. Among other issues, one can safely argue that training these inmates would prepare them to easily find jobs in a chosen field because of the hands-on experience they gained in a prison program. This is particularly true given that correctional centers seek to reform the mentality of inmates so that they can easily fit into the society after their release. According to Maguire et al (1988) they can only fit well into the society when they have a vocation from which they can earn income to reestablish their lives. Even during the training they undergo with private firms, the inmates can earn money while in the correctional centers. ...
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