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Racial differences (introduction)

I am a firm believer of the theory that allows for people to remain glued to their own racial and ethnic backgrounds and I am all for their resolute beliefs in them no matter how difficult the circumstances are. This indeed is what I am proud of and it makes me strong and committed day after day.
The aspect of my identity that is in line with my work regimes and my academic qualifications are something that I hold on to very firmly. I let the same remain communicated to all and sundry so that my personality develops due to such strong points being on my side. I would rather want people to focus more on my personality traits than choosing to discuss my racial and ethnic priorities because I believe these are insignificant and trivial matters, not providing benefit to anyone at all. Thus I choose not to share such matters with anyone as it creates a sense of animosity between people belonging to different races and ethnicities.
The cultural events and occasions have strengthened my perspective upon life and my childhood is full of festivities, cultural exchange, weddings, death anniversaries and so on. I believe all of these points form up as strong basis for my association with my self-identity and this is one characteristic within my personality that I am in love with. ...
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I am a woman belonging from the East Indian parentage and my age is 44 years. I am an Asian by race and my ethnic background is very strong. I am an active individual who enjoys life to the fullest. Being an Indian I understand how to cope with racial differences and this aspect has made me open to all religions, sects, ethnicities and nationalities…
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