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McGregor's Theories and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

The same principle is valid for non-business organisations: their success also depends on the management's ability to effectively implement the right solutions to improve motivation and enhance performance of employees.
Improving the effectiveness of marine management has recently turned into one of the most intensively debated topic in the UK. The debate mainly covers strategic issues concerning the effectiveness of the management of the marine environment to maximize sustainable benefits from our marine resources while ensuring proper protection. The effectiveness of marine management also depends greatly on the different values, expectations and other essential factors that people bring to their involvement with the sea. The statutory and institutional practices that apply to modern marine management in the UK and the relationship between government and community represent another aspect of the debate.
Involvement of many overlapping and sometimes conflicting agencies, processes, legislations, and other factors has forced the Government to propose introducing a Marine Management Organisation (MMO) to act as the key force fo ...
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Over the past decades, the way in which people are managed and motivated has become the primary field of interest in terms of assessing and improving organizational efficiency and marketability. The reason for such turn is evident: growing competitiveness in the market forces modern companies to increasingly rely on skilled and motivated personnel then on pure technologies and products.
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