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People believe when they book a flight on a low cost airline its actually a cheap flight. The purpose of this dissertation will determine whether the ''low cost'' name is tagged to an airline for marketing purposes or not.
Ever since I was a little kid I was fascinated by aircrafts, the way huge pieces of metal taking off in the air I always wanted to become a pilot, training is very costly and time consuming and I don't have the resources so instead I started looking at fields around it such as ground handling.


This actually began in US and then to Europe in 1990s and then gradually to the rest of the world (www.wikipedia.com).
Doganis (2001) defines low cost airlines as airlines '' that modelled themselves as Southwest''(pp6) however Shaw (2005) defines it as ''airlines which are able to deliver the product basics of frequency and punctuality, but which do not offer luxurious seating and high level of provision of food, drinks and in-flight entertainments. The fare on offer from such airlines will probably be very much cheaper. Such fares will also address the natural prejudice of people who probably who do not fly a great deal on business themselves and may regard those who do as pampered and privileged minority'' (pp14).
According to Knowledgerush website ''A low-cost carrier (also known as a no-frills or discount carrier) is an airline that offers low fares but eliminates all unnecessary services. The typical low-cost''
It is generally accepted that a low-cost airline, also known as no-frills or discount airline, is such carrier, which offers ...
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