Cross-cultural Issues in International Management

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The report on cross cultural issues that may crop up in our joint venture with the Malaysian Company is presented here in detail. Necessary steps and recommendations are also given. The main areas where problems might come up is the way power is distributed and perceived in both countries.


Other cultural factors do not seem to pose in major challenges. Leadership styles are quite similar as is apparent from the GLOBE study. English is commonly used there and hence communication will not be a major issue. With regard to style, Malaysians tend to be more indirect and hence our managers need to be patient while dealing with their Malaysian counterparts. The global economic slump and the US downturn will have some effect on the JV. But this need not cause any delays or postponements in the whole process. On the whole, if the steps recommended in this report are implemented, the joint venture will have a smooth cultural integration and all possible problems can be minimized.
Employee management is a crucial function of management which calls for extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of management and behavioral sciences like psychology, sociology etc. The knowledge in these areas was sufficient enough to manage a firm which operates within the boundaries of a country. But, as the corporate world has gone international with globalization and liberalization policies enunciated in almost all countries, the role of human resource manager became so complicated than ever before. ...
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