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Essay example - Software localisation

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Pseudo-translation, a technique used in software localisation is the process of creating text that mimics a foreign language without the benefit of actual translation into another language. Usually the text has accents added to the characters or the form of the text changed so that it behaves in the application like a translation would, while still being recognisably in English (or some other source language)…

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Alchemy Catalyst combines the power and flexibility of regular expressions like ezParse which makes it simple and quick to work with visual development environment in order to develop text parsers for virtually any file type. EzParse also supports the most popular encoding systems such as UTF-8, UTF-16 and Shift-JIS. (Cat1a)
Requires personnel management, work organisation, planning, analysis, setup and coordination of resources, deployment of tools and software, tracking, reporting, and most of all flexibility. During the first analysis of the files that are to be localized we try to determine whether a glossary containing new terminology is necessary. At the same time we examine the extent of the project, and, depending on the deadline, we choose the most suitable means and technology for the work. Based on this analysis a list of files is generated, and a glossary; styles and formatting are defined, and procedural rules are established. We maintain full consultation with the customer. (Stage1a)
Localization includes several levels of quality checking. ...
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