Restoration and Recovery Plan

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Introduction: Almost all companies irrespective of their size and business domain have deployed sophisticated Information System in their organizational infrastructure to achieve operational efficiencies and to streamline the processes associated with day to day working.


In this paper an attempt is made to understand the Restoration and recovery plan employed by an organization in case of any of an attack or failure of its Information System and also to investigate how the organization manages the scenarios that involve alteration, deletion or destruction of data. The organization chosen for the study of the subject is a Ceramic manufacturing company with roughly 1300 employees.
Information System: The organization has deployed an in-house web based ERP system that's essentially serves to integrate its Accounts, HR, Payroll, Inventory & Stores, Commercial Department, Sales, and Fixed Asset wings. The ERP application is deployed on Oracle Application Server with Apache web server. The company has twenty nodal offices spread across the city , all nodal offices are connected in a ring topology through fiber as well as through ISDN lines in order to maintain a 24x7 availability .
The nature of work is essentially online transactional processing but owing to the integration of Inventory, it also has data warehousing application. All the twenty sites are centrally managed. A centralized Oracle 10g database hosts the data .The database is ported on two IBM p-series 570 H servers . . ...
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