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Critical Reflections Paper Examining Social Justice and Equality

This system punishes the poor by keeping them continually dependent on the system and not encouraging them to become independent.
According to Hick (2002), "Income security programs are at the center of the welfare state in Canada. These programs do much more than protect the poor from destitution; income security programs are used by all sectors of society" (pp. 1-2).
In Roman times, according to Myers-Lipton (2006), "with the increase in poverty in the early republic, elite society began to argue that outdoor relief was financially inefficient at best and inhumane at worst, since poor people were shuffled around from community to community" (pp. 35).
Instead of shuffling the poor around, some suggestions include making the poor an integrated part of the community, giving them work through a WPA-style program that would focus on giving the homeless jobs. This would be one way of promoting a healthier and happier community.
It is in this paradigm that one realizes that something must be done to arrive at a more socially just society. ...
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Socially just" social welfare is social welfare which does not harm the person. There are many kinds of welfare which put individuals into a holding pattern which are dangerous, not only for society but for the individual receiving welfare.
The society that foments welfare which is socially unjust tends to punish the person receiving welfare by promoting a system that is unforgiving, harsh, and does not allow for the person to gain upward social mobility in his/her life, no matter what is done.
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