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Impacts of European Colonialism in Africa - Research Paper Example

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Prior to 19th century the rest of the world influenced little concerning Africa so called the Dark Continent in the time. However, there was some growing in the beginning of the early 1800s when explorers started their mission to the continent's interior. Most of the first European explorers in Africa were the missionaries who came with the mission of ministering to pagan African tribes…

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Impacts of European Colonialism in Africa

So Swahili or black traders tramped through Africa buying prisoners and capturing blacks from the national tribes and sold them at the coast. Being led by Christian officials like Wilberforce, the Great Britain prohibited slave trade in 1807 and slavery in 1834. The British ships commenced to patrol the coast of Africa and tried to resist other nations from performing the slave trade.
Meanwhile, more of explorers; secular and Christian form British and other Continents started to explore Africa. In the beginning, African diseases and hostile natives disgusted most expeditions in Africa (Johnson 1994). Nevertheless, the European society made some progress with novel discoveries and inventions like the Maxim gun and quinine. Being armed with this modernism, the explorers commenced to make their way via the African jungle and natives. The Great Britain guided the way in Africa colonization with its colonies in South Africa. Then France attacked Tunisia in 1881 as Great Britain captured Egypt which France and Great Britain had formerly ruled together.
Pierre de Brazza and Henry Stanley exploring France and Belgium respectively rushed into West Africa in attempt to get the Niger River for the countries which collaborated with them. ...
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