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Globalizations affect the labour of North America

Manzella says "offshoring created 90,000 new IT jobs in the United States. in 2003". American companies have become more profitable and globally competitive because of low cost labor from overseas. Two-thirds of the economic benefits, such as monetary savings generated from hiring employees overseas are reinvested. It is not all about cheap labor.
While low skilled jobs are often sent overseas, professionals will be in great demand over the next decade. There will be a need for architects, accountants, commercial/industrial designers and paralegals by as much as 29%. Even low end jobs such as customer service representatives will increase by 24% by 2012. As North American companies pursue the global market in an effort to make a profit, they have to focus on product design, branding strategies, productivity and respond to customers' needs. (Francis-Smith, 2005).
Globalization represents a commitment and desire to create a better future. It conveys optimism, and offers endless possibilities for growth, renewal, and revitalization for every all involved. It brings a sense of connectivity, interdependence, and integration in the global community. ...
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Globalization is not a new concept. It is a unique phenomenon, involving the integration of economies, culture, governmental policies, and political movement around the world. Despite what has been said, globalization is a good thing for North America. Misinformation and myths has led the public to believe that globalization and offshoring will destroy the United States' economy…
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