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Euthanasia College

It is very hard to let go of a person that has become a part of your life. The pain of the one loving to say goodbye and having a very active participation of ending the life of the one you love. We have a lot to listen to what the ill person has to say to us. This decision gives us the ultimate reason to endure heartaches and headaches spending a lot of time to consider the option of ending life because our beloved is under a lot of pain. An option that has to come with a future longing of having to bear life in the absence of the very person that we want to grow old with. Pain as it comes literally is not suffered only by the patient itself. It has a lot to do with the immediate family and their decisions. A good deliberation in terms of medical and scientific appropriations of the life of the person and the kind of life he will get if he by wonders of miracles will survive this traumatic stage.
Pain is measured on different levels on different individuals and on different kinds of illnesses. Endurance of pain is also relative to the kind of illnesses that one bears. In this utmost moment of having to bear that pain and being dysfunctional, one sole wish is to let go. ...
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Euthanasia is the act of painlessly putting someone who is under long periods of coma or under extreme pain and suffering like the cancer patients, to a deep sleep leading to death. It comes from the Greek expression for good death. It is a process of withholding or putting to a stop the modern medicine of prolonging one's life for patients found with no hope of recovery…
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