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Personal Perception of Organized Crime Paper

Militias in Somalia which are fighting the interim government in Somalia. This type of crime is well organized such that it may involve various associations of persons such as police, politicians, business people and criminals which are formed for the purposes of generating profits. In addition, view organized crime as one of the social vices that thrives well in an enabling environment, violating human rights and hence should be discouraged at all costs. To my view, organized crime is common in urban areas but as its structure advances, it encroaches the rural areas, for instance, the 'mungiki sect' in Kenya which is well established and organized both in the rural and urban areas of the country.
The definitions presented in the readings acknowledge similar organized crime activities as the ones in my perception with an exception of illegal prostitution. Both my perceptions and the definitions given concur with the unique factor about organized crime i.e. it is 'organized' or 'controlled' in the manner of their operation. Both the definitions and my perception are of the view that, organized crime flourishes through provision/supply of services and goods that command a high demand in the society. Both perceive attainment of power and profits some of the goals of the syndicated crime.
The definitions in the readings recognize that organized crime operates as ongoing enterprises which ...
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Personally I view organized crime as prevalent criminal activities that include illegal gambling, illegal distribution of drugs (drug cartels), interstate theft, human trafficking, labor racketeering and money laundering which are undertaken by groups and people in an organized manner i.e…
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