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True enough, the world has been transformed by the rapid changes and developments since time immemorial. Just looking at the things around us reveals some aspects which are highly destructive and undesirable. The hegemony of the United States has long been regarded by the global community considering its strong economy, highly industrialized cities, and low level of poverty…

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Transforming the world into a better place to live in is one thing that every one of us desires but the question of how to institute this change remains largely answered. I believe that the quest to change the world is in a large part a process of changing ourselves first to become more morally excellent and passionate about our goals.
Changes doesn't happen overnight and efforts will be in vain if the process of transformation is not focused on the smallest unit of the society-the individual. The quest in changing the world could only be started by a person who is willing to come out of his comfort zone and is endowed with the commitment of changing himself into a better person. For example, if a person desires to make the world a better place to live in by safeguarding the environment, he should make a conscious effort of choosing the things that he uses, support the manufacturers and retailers which are more environmentally responsible, utilize renewable fuel, segregate waste, and volunteer in environment rehabilitation projects like tree planting. A person cannot start asking the government to institute these changes if he himself is not able and even willing to abide with these practices. ...
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