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Cooperative Learning .

This may be due to the fact of clashing personalities and possession of strong ideas that may be hard to reconcile with others. In this regard, cooperation is hailed as a fundamental concern, not only of the educators but also in both local and global organization perspectives (Slavin, R. et al., 1985)
The purpose of this paper is to present and exemplify some possible solutions that address to the emerging problem in the aspect of cooperation, as well as to cite possible ways in order to enhance the so-called cooperative learning among members of a team, group, an organization, or the stakeholders in general.
"We are intelligent, but an intelligent human alone in the forest would not survive for long" (Slavin, 1985, p. 5). This quoted line from Robert E. Slavin (1985) exemplified the essence of cooperation with other individuals living in the society. In this manner, there must be a need to develop one's skills to cooperate and socialize with other human beings.
Nevertheless, conflicts are also inevitable in due course of human group interaction. This may be due to the individual characteristics that could affect group interaction. ...
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No man is an island", says a popular quote- perhaps, a clich. As each one of us may agree, every member of a group or an organization needs to cooperate in every activity as well as to learn from each other. In so doing, the chances of successfully performing a particular task and purposefully achieving the goals of an organization are more possible (Kennesaw State University, 2009)…
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