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Models of Relationship Development/Deterioration - Why A Friendship Ceased - Essay Example

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Using the 6 stage model of Developmental Course of Friendship, I will examine a relationship which I was involved in some years ago, and analyze the way in which it progressed and ended. At the age of 17, I met a girl who had recently moved to my street. She was 19, had a good job and I was studying for my college entrance…

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Models of Relationship Development/Deterioration - Why A Friendship Ceased

She was a beautiful girl, very 'bubbly' and always smiling. We seemed to share the same sense of humor, the ability to laugh at ourselves and at the ridiculous things in life. Our shared ambition was to travel the world and learn more about other people and cultures.
On Friday evening, she asked if I was going to let up on the books and go out. This was when I invited her to join me and some friends at a music club, then go for a pizza. She was so pleased and fitted in well, laughing and talking with everyone, flirting a lot with the boys. I was so proud to have brought her along. She was friendly, tactile, a good listener, but did not say a lot to anyone but me. After this, we seemed to have plenty to talk about, she questioned me about my friends, we shared impressions and to my shame, we laughed unkindly about some of them. She was especially interested in the boys and how wealthy peoples' families were. I was flattered that somebody so glamorous and attractive wanted to be my friend and attached no significance to what she was asking or the way in which she behaved. If I felt uncomfortable at my disloyalty, I was able to put it aside.
We saw each other more, just the two of us going to a film, out shopping, talking daily on the phone. ...
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