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Health Care Delivery and Insurance System

This paper analyses the health care delivery system as to whether it is broken or not
Even though there are more than 40 million Americans who are not insured but still a major part of the gross national product of the nation is spent on health care (Iglehart, 1999). If the present problem has to be solved then it is essential that some changes take place in a lot of health financing systems (New York Academy of Sciences, 2000, pp. 1-14).
The system should be best in all ways which means that the use of medical dollars should be made in an efficient way with provisions for improved medical care ostentation and promoting innovation. The new system should also incorporate quality with efficiency in prices of health care along with productive competition. The present system of health care which is driven by market and the existent governmental semi-National Health Insurance (NHI) Medicare and other Medicaid programs do not meet the requisites of best health care provisions (Brodenheimer, 1999; Riley, 2001; Pear, 2002; Krugan, 2002). Many countries are in problems due to a single payer for the nationalized health care and regular deficiency of patient selection (Krauz, 2002).
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The American health-care system under the current arrangement will not be able to contain any of the challenging national health-insurance strategies which the congress has laid down now. In reality the present system is a disconnected non-system and it failed to deliver the exact blend of care to the right persons at the right time…
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