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Politics: liberalism - Essay Example

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Globalization, accompanied by liberal rhetoric, is accused in losses of the cultural identity, the insufficient accountability of large transnational corporations, deterioration of the rights of workers, increase of distance between the rich and poor countries and between classes. Liberalism is also suspected in promoting capture of authority by the countries of the West and in particular the USA above the whole planet.
The modern world experiences fundamental and dynamical changes. Transformation of the international relations, the termination of confrontation and consecutive overcoming of consequences of Cold War have expanded opportunities of cooperation on international scene. At preservation of value of military force in relations between the states, now economic, political, scientific and technical, ecological and information factors start to play the increasing role. At the modern structure of the world is uni-polar structure at economic and power domination of the USA.
Liberal regimes, despite of the sympathy to oppressed people and rather moral declarations, quite often used wars and the post-war development as means of distribution of their own ideology and spheres of influence. This tendency has reached its culmination in war against Iraq in 2003. This operation can be considered or as the maximum point of development of this tendency, or as the lowest point of falling of prestige of liberal ideology, depending on how to estimate the military operation in Iraq. The polemic passion of contemporary international relations in many respects coincides with criticism, which sounds today among foreign affairs specialists with respect to imperial behaviour of the USA and imposing of liberal values as panaceas from all problems of internal and external origin.

Has the exercise of America power since the Second World War
served to help create or undermine a liberal international order

In order to answer this question we should first of all to understand what is a liberal international order is. Brown (2004, p. 138) states, "the liberal international order is both an order comprised of relations between states as liberals and realists contend, and also an order involving a transnational dimension. This latter includes classes, ideology, structures of production (for example in multinational firms) and markets".
The development of foreign policy of the USA in the twenties century has been successful and impressing: being not the most influential power at the beginning of century, America to its end has achieved the status of a unique superpower with the most powerful and fast-growing economy, global political and economic interests. Rise of the United States has rendered defining influence on occurrence of the new world order, in which the US took a predominating position.
Especially significant role in the evolution of the USA were played with confrontation with the Soviet Union. Cold War has in many respects defined the character of second half of the twenties century, but its basic value consists in the fact during this confrontation occurred construction of the American's new world order. According to Brown (2004, p. 108) "the evolution of relations between the Western capitalist powers during the Cold War had laid the basis for ...Show more


For today liberalism is one of leading ideologies in the world. Concepts of personal freedom, self-respect, a freedom of speech, general human rights, religious tolerance, inviolability of private life, a private property, the free market, equality, a lawful state, a transparency of the government, the Supreme authority of people, self-determination of the nation, etc…
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Politics: liberalism essay example
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