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Psychology (various techniques for developing memory)

I studied the poem I had developed for 2 minutes. One hour later, I attempted to recall both the acrostic poem and the concepts to which it was related.
3) I sung the poem, The Ballad of Rudolph Reed, by Gwendolyn Brooks out-loud to the tune of the nursery rhyme, Humpty-Dumpty. I practiced singing the poem three times and then one hour later I attempted to recite the poem from memory.
4) My final experiment consisted of attempting to remember a list of 10 items by using the techniques of the Loci method. The list I attempted to remember was as follows: Tomatoes, Trumpet, Scissors, Wallet, Motorcycle, Sofa, Elephant, Newspaper, Subway train, and Faucet. I walked a route familiar to me within the vicinity of my home in accordance with the technique. I assigned one of these items to each of ten locations within the designated route and practiced associating the items and the image of the location. An hour later I retraced my steps, attempting to remember the list by association with the locations on the route that I had selected.
The four experiments produced various different results. Personally, I found that the technique for developing an acronym or using an acrostic to remember concepts and lists were particularly useful. These two experiments produced by far the best results. ...
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The principle objective of the four experiments outlined below was to test various techniques for developing memory. By determining which of these methods was most effective at enhancing my memory, I hope to enhance my learning in the future by applying the information I obtain from this experiment…
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