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Essay example - An Effective Performance Management

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Performance Management - Objectives - Process - Goal setting - Performance standards - Performance appraisal - Performance review - Communication - Training- Performance measures for a state secondary school - finance, customer service, product and service management - How, when, and by whom used - how applied - purpose and indicators - management priorities - Performance measures for a haulage firm.

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An organisation essentially works with and through people to achieve preset goals by operating in a systematic manner according to a well-charted plan. Unplanned behaviour or effort can never lead an individual or organisation in the direction of success. It is the aggregate result of individual performance of assigned tasks by the personnel according to defined goals that achieves success for an organisation. Just as strategic plans are prepared for the organisation as a whole and operational or tactical plans are chalked out for different departments and sections, work objectives or targets need to be set for every staff member. Progress of implementation must be monitored periodically and mid-course corrections initiated in order to achieve the goals. Performance standards need to be first identified and communicated to every employee, and performance indicators established to evaluate individual performance in the assigned areas at the end of the appraisal period. Performance assessment is usually related to reward schemes in most organisations. The whole process is generally known as the Performance Management System (PMS).
A performance management system primari ...
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